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AI-driven Conversational Process Automation. Redefining Workflow Creation

In the ever-evolving landscape of business operations, creating and managing workflows can often be a cumbersome task.  

The Challenge of Workflow Management

The challenges you face in constructing workflows like complexity, potential errors, and the valuable time it consumes – can become a bottleneck for productivity. Many individuals and organizations grapple with this, resorting to various strategies – from utilizing a patchwork of tools to navigating complex spreadsheets – all in an attempt to stitch together an operational workflow.

Solving Your Workflow Struggles

At Trisk, we envision a future where crafting workflows is as simple as having a conversation, where AI becomes your trusted assistant, helping you achieve more in less time. This Trisk’s update addresses these struggles head-on.

Trisk Team aims to make your processes more efficient, knowledge exchange within the company easier, and your business operations smoother. We’ve combined cutting-edge technology with thoughtful design, ensuring that every step of the workflow creation process is intuitive, adaptable, and optimized.

Effortless Workflow Building with Trish AI

Icon of Trish AIStep 1: Initiate the Conversation. Click on the ‘Trish AI’ button in the top right, unveiling a chat window with Trish, your AI-powered assistant.


Step 2: Specify Your Needs. Clearly articulate your workflow requirements. It can be just a simple name like ‘Customer Feedback Workflow,’ or you can specify your needs with more details. Engage with Trish just like you would with an actual employee.

Screenshot of Trish AI chat with request to create a Customer Feedback Workflow

Step 3: Witness the Magic. Sit back and watch the virtual assistant dynamically generate a tailored workflow that aligns precisely with your specifications.

Screenshot of Trish AI chat and workflow preview with Customer Feedback Form

Benefit: Experience the simplicity of building customized workflows through conversation — no more complexities. Embrace seamless workflow creation!

Intelligent Workflow Customization with ‘IF/THEN Connects’

Trish AI is absolutely ready to use the power of our ‘IF/THEN Connects‘ to enhance the automation and adaptability of your workflows. This feature allows you to set conditions, enabling your workflow to respond dynamically based on predefined triggers.

Screenshot of Trish AI chat with 'IF/THEN' Logic on the Form Preview screen for Customer Feedback Workflow

This brings efficiency and responsiveness to your processes – workflow intelligently adjusts, aligning precisely with your business objectives and operational needs. 

Benefit: Seize control of your workflow, adapting and customizing it easily to align with your unique business needs.

Preview Navigation for Seamless User Experience

Once Trish AI generates your workflow, you’ll now have the ability to seamlessly preview and navigate various components. With just a few clicks, you can effortlessly dive from the workflow to the associated Forms, Roles, and Communication Templates, all within the same screen.

Benefit: Streamline your workflow creation process by swiftly reviewing and fine-tuning related elements, ensuring a cohesive and optimized workflow structure.

We understand the value of this enhancement in elevating user experience. That’s why we’re excited to share that we have plans to roll out this seamless preview navigation experience to our regular workflow builder. Stay tuned for updates.

Enhanced Tags Functionality

Your feedback is our inspiration! We are thrilled with the positive responses regarding our Tags functionality. It’s heartwarming to know that it’s aiding you in effortlessly categorizing and swiftly finding elements within the platform.

Building on your valuable feedback, we’ve taken a step further in this update by enhancing our Tags capabilities. Now, this functionality extends to Roles and Communication Templates as well. This enhancement promises an even more organized and intuitive experience.

Screenshot of Trisk Platform on Communication Template Tab, demonstrating "Trish AI" Tag

Benefit: Stay at the top of your organizational game, swiftly finding what you need and when you need it. 

Building workflows now is as easy as a chat with a friend. In synergy with our previous update dedicated to the AI Form Builder, this advancement marks a significant step towards the future. AI emerges as a game-changer, simplifying tasks, boosting productivity, and nurturing a culture of collaborative knowledge sharing, liberating your time for what truly matters. Let’s embrace a future where workflows effortlessly align with your needs, working for you, not the other way around!