Simplify Data Collection
And Take Back Control Of Your Time

Trisk is a no-code software that allows Subject Matter Experts to interact with Clients in real time to streamline data collection and compliance with easy automation and 100% security.

What makes Trisk unique

Easy To Use, No Coding

Data collection has never been easier with our workflows that don’t require you to code.

Work Better With Clients

Communicate more efficiently as you work on data with your client in real-time.

Blockchain Security

No more unsecured emails inefficiently trying to transfer private information.

Discover the power of Trisk for a client experience

When VPTax implemented Trisk, results came in right away. Now, we can’t imagine running our business without it. We saved money AND increased our bottom line! The time we have saved has given our business new life.

Todd Suchevits CEO and Principal

Service based businesses are not scalable by nature. Trisk allows us to scale by increasing our capacity to take on new work without increasing cost. We have increased confidence because with Trisk we can always see what’s happening.

Our clients are now getting truly consistent communication. We have an amazing peace of mind because we know everything is in one place and the clients are getting incredible results. The lack of clutter in our minds has given us a new love for the business.

Connect to your customers and streamline data collection in a whole new way!

"Billions are spent on automation and data tools for sales and marketing. Who’s taking care of the accountants, lawyers and other compliance professionals?

Our goal is big. It’s personal. Trisk is enabling individuals responsible for your bottom line by delivering a powerful tool that helps them exceed your expectations, grow their bottom line and still have time for themselves, their friends and their families."

Tom Brehmer Founder & CEO