Imagine your junior employees operate with the knowledge that senior partners have? That's Trisk!

Get higher-quality operations
with AI-driven Conversational
Process Automation

Expertise leverage and knowledge transfer made effortless. Unlock your organization's potential with Trisk, empower teams and clients with controlled self-service, and gain significant productivity increase by connecting people with knowledge through cutting-edge workflow technology

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Ensuring Knowledge Continuity

maintain expertise within the company,
even if key employee departs

Centralized Expertise Sharing

employees easy access to valuable
in-house knowledge

Improved Decision-making

actionable insights driving revenue
growth by expanding bandwidth

Operations Safety

full transparency into company's actions, SOC 2 Type II compliant


Modern back office infrastructure

Accelerate processes

Eliminate manual process modeling and ask Trish-AI
to design, adjust, launch, and supervise the workflow

Bolster compliance

Be in control with outstanding permissions granularity for your team and the complete audit trail of actions

Increase accuracy

Get the right information in the right place, that is easy to find, simple to manage, and always at hand

Pay when active

Our flexible pricing plans allows you scale up (and down) on-demand, pay only when people are active

Want to see it in action?

See how AI-driven automation enables businesses to
increase productivity in weeks and boost revenue in the first year. Make your expertise accessible to everyone in the company.

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Can Trisk help my business?


External experts brought in to advise businesses


Legal and Accounting space

Small and medium

Companies with limited resources or headcount


Forward-thinking large scale organizations

Can't find myself

Explore our API
and integrations

Boost productivity, get better customer experiences,
and faster decision-making by seamless data exchange between different software applications and systems.

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Customer Stories

How Trisk plays in Tax space

“When VPTax implemented Trisk, results came in right away. Now, we can’t imagine running our business without it. We saved money AND increased our bottom line! The time we have saved has given our business new life.”

Todd Suchevits

Todd Suchevits

CEO and Principal

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How Trisk helps automate
school safety coordination

"It's easy to use. It's all there. We're not near using the full potential of Trisk and it's already transforming how we do things. We're able to reduce the burden (on school staff), allow them the ability to get out their information to all the necessary parties such as first responders, fire, police, etc. and we're able to do it quickly."

Bob Klausmeyer

Bob Klausmeyer

Education safety coordinator

Explore Student Safety

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Explore our flexible plans with per-active user model, all-in-one features, AI
assistance, and 30-day free trial with no credit card required

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