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Your trusted automation partner — Trisk is now SOC2 Type II compliant

In the fast-paced world of tech and data, one acronym reigns supreme: SOC2. But what exactly is it, and why should you care?

What is SOC2 & Why is it important?

SOC2, shorthand for Service Organization Controls 2, isn’t just another tech buzzword. It’s a structured framework overseen by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA). Think of it as a deep dive into a company’s inner workings. Here’s the kicker – it’s not the company itself doing the inspection, it’s an independent service auditor, a neutral judge in the arena. They sift through policies, procedures, and evidence to ensure that the company’s controls are not just decoration but operational fortresses. In essence, SOC2 is your guarantee that a company isn’t just talking the talk about data security.

Improving your security posture

In an era where cyber threats lurk around every digital corner, you can’t afford to play the “wait and see” game. SOC2 is the digital armor, a shield against the relentless onslaught of cyber villains.

SOC2 compliance isn’t just a badge. It’s a bold proclamation that screams, “We take your security seriously.”

Through the SOC2 audit, we subjected our defenses to the scrutiny of a third-party sentry. They weren’t here to be polite. They came to find the breaches. And guess what? We’ve been attested that controls and processes in place aren’t just for show.

Why we pursued SOC2 now

Our decision to embark on the SOC2 journey wasn’t arbitrary. It was a strategic move driven by our unwavering commitment to our customers’ trust and the perpetual quest to enhance our security stance. Trust is the currency of the digital age, and we understand that earning and preserving it is non-negotiable.

So, here’s the scoop: We set our sights on SOC2 compliance as a strategic milestone. Instead of just ticking the box, we treated it as a roadmap to building an impenetrable fortress around your data.

We can proudly announce that Trisk already received SOC2 Type II report, and we’re not stopping there. Our commitment to the annual renewal of SOC2 certification is etched in stone. It’s an ongoing mission.

In the ever-evolving digital battlefield, we’re arming ourselves with the best tools, the most robust approches, and the unwavering dedication to safeguarding your data. Our journey is your assurance and an unyielding commitment to your trust.

Trisk’s journey to SOC2 compliance

Our quest for SOC2 compliance wasn’t a solitary expedition, it was a joint effort with reliable allies on our side. 

Compliance Partners


In the realm of trust management, Vanta reigns supreme. We joined forces with this leader in the field to streamline our audit evidence collection. Vanta not only brought automation to the table but also provided us with the strongest security foundation to protect our customer data. 

Advantage Partners:

Our audit journey wouldn’t have been half as smooth without the expertise of Advantage Partners. Their guidance and unwavering support were instrumental in our swift and efficient path to SOC2 compliance.

Unlocking the Insider’s Insights

If you’re hungry for deeper insights and the insider scoop on our SOC2 journey, we’ve got something special coming your way. Our very own CTO, Vlad Anikin, is gearing up to spill the beans in an upcoming article series soon to be featured on our blog. He’s going to take you behind the scenes, sharing the nitty-gritty details, triumphs, and challenges we faced on our quest for SOC2 compliance.

Curious to learn how we tackled the compliance maze? Eager to discover the strategies that led to success? Or perhaps you’re simply intrigued by the inner workings of digital fortresses and security journeys. Whatever your curiosity, Vlad’s got the answers!

Keep an eye out for this exclusive series that promises to be an enlightening and insightful journey. Stay tuned to our blog and social media for an insider’s view.