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If you wouldn’t pay someone to clean out your garage, why do you charge clients to find information in their portal?

Are your clients too busy to answer questions? A small tip from Tom Brehmer (CEO at Trisk) about inspiring them to save their own money and your time. 

Client portals were a great first start. 

So now you’ve got your clients uploading files to a portal. They’re no longer emailing files, right?

You have a place where you can safely view your client’s information. But is it efficient?

If your clients are like mine, who knows what they named the file? Do you have the password to open the file? Do you have to open the file, figure out what it is and re-save it with a new name or a tag? When you’re ready to work on the file, is your client available to help you?

This takes time.

I recently had an interesting discussion with a client. Using Trisk, I provided him with tailored forms by topic, requesting that he answer specific questions and uploads of specific files and forms. 

Instead, he uploaded lots of files to his Trisk Garage.

What did I do? I called him to understand why. He told me he was too busy to fill out my forms and upload the requested files into the forms. I asked him if he paid someone to clean out his garage. 

Do you see where I’m going?

I explained to him that my time was also valuable and that I would charge him to open each file and figure out what it was and where it needed to be saved. I’m happy to do it, but I wanted to prepare him for a big and unnecessary bill.

In a matter of hours, he completed the forms and uploaded the files, as requested, saving my staff and me countless hours.

Problem solved. The file storage is both secure and organized. I preserved my time for more important matters, avoiding unnecessary fees.

Having spent over 40 years serving clients, it’s exciting for me to offer service providers a platform that addresses both the security and efficiency challenges.