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The Hidden Cost of Employee Turnover

Trisk can’t promise to keep employees happy, but we can promise to help keep your clients/customers happy.

I know this sounds like a sizeable commitment, but we are a unique platform with unique benefits.  We’re not just a project management or business process management tool. Trisk combines these common management tool attributes with a knowledge management functionality.

You don’t know what knowledge management is? I’ll explain with an example.     


  • You have a large, demanding (read…”picky”) client who has developed a relationship with one of your employees. Let’s call him Keith. Keith has worked with the client for over five years. The client has grown dependent on Keith and doesn’t want to work with anyone else at your firm.
  • Keith manages this client with limited involvement from others at your firm.
  • Keith and his wife are having a new baby. Keith wants to take paternity leave at the same time this picky client has a project that requires your firm’s support.

What do you do?

  • Tell Keith you really need him and that he can’t take the time he desires to be a dad and husband?
  • Explain the situation to the client and assign another competent employee to take over during Keith’s absence?

Possible outcomes 

  • Keith acquiesces to your request and misses rare time with his newborn and spouse during this once in a lifetime event. The client is happy because your Company didn’t miss a beat. Keith sticks the landing, like usual…then quits.
  • Keith agrees to advise another employee who you assign to fill in during Keith’s absence. The client may be happy if everything goes well, but the employees are acting out of their comfort zones, which will likely impact future performance.
  • Keith says no. You assign another employee to service the client project. The project may or may not go off as planned, but the client isn’t happy because the newly assigned employee doesn’t have the history that Keith had and likely doesn’t do everything the way Keith did. The employee is unhappy because they were put into a difficult situation. Keith’s return to work is complicated.

Trisk’s knowledge management may not solve everything, but it helps as follows:

  1.  The Company creates smart forms designed to collect required information and embed requirements specific to each client. Using powerful and intuitive if/then technology, standardized forms are quickly customized to each client’s unique requirements.
  2.  Trisk visual-based workflow builder puts structure around the information collection, distribution, and retention of each client’s information and requirements.
  3.  Trisk stores this information in the client’s Garage, with access granted to employees and client personnel using the Trisk data privacy matrix.

How is everybody happy?

Because the Company builds custom forms and workflows to standardize around its process requirements, consistency is achieved. This is good for the Company. Employees are happy because they know what’s expected of them. The platform makes sure they have the right information to do their jobs. Clients are happier because balls don’t get dropped. In that rare case where a particular employee isn’t available, the person stepping in doesn’t have to start from scratch. They’re simply provided with access to the client’s Trisk information, and they are instantly up to speed and satisfying the client.

Wouldn’t your business benefit from the interchangeability of employees? I know that sounds a bit cold, but last I checked, it’s a reality all businesses need to be prepared for!