How School Board’s
Association is Using Trisk
to Maintain School Safety

When the Missouri School Board’s Association (“MSBA”) discovered they
needed an easier way to help Schools comply with requirements of
developing and maintaining Emergency Operating Plans, they turned to Trisk.

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How MSBA uses Trisk?

Define participants,
buildings, emergencies
to be covered

Designated administrators use prepared forms and workflows to launch processes

Launch forms to
external users

Anyone with an email address can receive and complete tasks

Launch workflows
from workflows

Easy to use forms can be launched to multiple user profiles via automated sequential workflow launches

Monitor progress,
assist with questions,
drive toward deadline

Dashboard and email based review, response, and online help


Discover how Trisk helped MSBA deliver a quality, compliant school Emergency
Operating Plans

Emergency Operating Plans, or EOP's, are living documents that require revisions yearly. This became a continuous challenge. Their previous tool was expensive, rigid and required custom development. It provided no interaction among parties. It was cumbersome and didn't instill confidence.


Discover the power of Trisk for a MSBA experience

Form Builder

MSBA used Trisk’s no-code, intuitive, tool to define questions and conditions for data collection which publish individualized questions and content to users based on facilities and threats specific to participating schools.

Workflow Builder

EOP Workflows are kicked off individually or based on user responses to published forms. MSBA configured sequential workflow launches to ensure optimal flexibility, monitoring and coverage.

Export to end users

Once completed and assembled, district administrators export tailored plans to an external PDF engagement review process as well as dedicated mobile apps suitable for use by school staff and first respondents.

MSBA is using Trisk to build a school community

Trisk allows their relationships to grow and expand by providing confidence and certainty in getting their EOP's to the appropriate parties. Everything is in its place and everyone is able to work on their tasks accordingly.

Users don’t need to be tech-savvy, Trisk is intuitive and easy to use.

Trisk allows MSBA to manage their content and systems easily.

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MSBA is using Trisk to build a school community
Education safety MSBA
Meet VPTax

"It's easy to use. It's all there. We're not near using the full potential of Trisk and it's already transforming how we do things. We're able to reduce the burden (on school staff), allow them the ability to get out their information to all the necessary parties such as first responders, fire, police, etc. and we're able to do it quickly."

Bob Klausmeyer

Bob Klausmeyer

Education safety coordinator

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