Solving Corporate Tax With Trisk

Trisk's no-code nature allows Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) to leverage expertise
across the entire company, easily share valuable knowledge, and empower teams to
operate with unique approaches. Clients empowered with controlled self-service,
while teams gain remarkable capacity boost by driven by the unique
IF/THEN Connect technology.

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How VPTax uses Trisk?

Streamlined Information Collection

The information you need, when you need it, from the person who has it


Stop worrying about dropping balls. Real-time visibility into who’s doing what and when

(File Storage)

Standardized and structured files storage allows to easily find documents

constraints unlock

Empowered teams to make the most from their time and easily scale in constrained environment

Meet VPTax

A corporate tax firm, based in Silicon Valley, skyrockets their operations using Trisk.

With the quality of the deliverable and the experience being a top priority, VPTax constructed a revolutionary organizational structure and business process more akin to a manufacturing enterprise than an accounting firm. They realigned traditional accountant roles and responsibilities, introduced operations professionals and implemented Trisk as the enabling technology.

Meet VPTax

Discover the power of Trisk for a VPTax experience


Using Trisk’s coworking feature, VPTax conducts on-line interviews to curate project requirements, schedule and launch tasks. This live collaborative exchange with clients is huge in identifying and prioritizing issues and opportunities.

IF/THEN Connect

VPTax eliminated the PBC list. At the conclusion of each coworking interview, custom pre-built data collection forms automatically launch to the right people. No more holes or delays. No more forgetting!

Document Delivery

VPTax sends draft and final versions of tax returns, studies and reports to recipients with individualized instructions, comments or questions. Client responses are saved with the documents.

What makes Trisk a perfect fit for
tax professionals?

Easy to use, no coding

Distinguish yourself from the competition. Create custom data collection/process management tools, without programmers, in a matter of days or weeks not months or years.

Work better with clients

Don’t remember if what you’re looking for was in email, text, IM or voicemail? Take charge of how you communicate with clients. Everything in one place is amazing!

Data security

SOC2 type II compliant, MFA on board, AES in-flight and at-rest encryption allows to stop the insecure emails. Trisk puts you in control by providing strong security options for you and your clients.

Cross-sell and Up-sell opportunities

Make everyone on your team a salesperson. Integrate strategic questions into customized forms to turn every project into a practice development opportunity.

Get organized and stay that way

Due date anxiety is part of the business. But it doesn’t need to keep you and your team at the office all the time. With Trisk’s automation, projects are not only well planned, but at any time, you can see what your team and your clients are doing.

Meet VPTax

“Using Trisk, we are able to work the way we want to work. We didn’t have to follow someone else’s way of doing things. We developed our content, our user roles and our processes. We like it. Clients like it. No other platform met our needs.” “With our unique business model and Trisk, VPTax is ideally positioned to expand. We’ve got a very scalable model. The Trisk technology is an integral part of our future growth plans.”

Todd Suchevits

Todd Suchevits

CEO and Principal

Meet VPTax

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