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No more information overload! Change your work experience.

It’s 2022. Most of us are on sensory overload. Too many options. Too much to remember…

My wife says that Trisk is a product created by and for an old accountant. That’s the way she affectionately refers to me.

Much to my chagrin, her observation isn’t completely wrong. I’ve been preparing complex income tax returns for over forty years. I indeed suffer from CRS. 

That being said, I don’t believe I’m alone in my affliction.

It’s 2022. Most of us are on sensory overload. Have you tried finding that latest movie your friend recommended? Was it on HBO Max, Netflix, Disney Plus, Hulu, Sling, Peacock, or Prime? Too many options. Too much to remember.

Work is noisy too. You’re constantly pinged by text, email, Slack, Teams, Discord, or another custom app on your laptop or phone. You toggle between apps to figure out who’s trying to communicate with you and where. God forbid you have to figure out where someone sent you something last week or last month.

It’s no wonder many of us suffer from CRS. Not only do we suffer from too many options, but we’re also increasingly busy. The young entrepreneur is constantly drinking from a firehose. She doesn’t have a budget for an administrative assistant to run interference. The aspiring professional doesn’t sleep, making sure he’s keeping up with the partners’ cryptic missives and liaising with clients on multiple, everchanging matters. Remote working with colleagues and customers around the globe while having to meet the school bus.

Yes. Trisk was built for exactly this reason. Too much. Too many.

As the visionary, and a user of Trisk, I love how it’s changed my work experience.

  • I don’t send emails or messages to people reminding them to do stuff; Trisk does it.
  • I don’t search through emails, messages, or online data storage sites looking for files, the names of which I have no idea; everything is organized and filed in clients’ Trisk Garage.
  • I don’t waste time looking for file passwords; Trisk requires them along with the file.
  • I don’t work with incomplete information; Trisk assures I get 100% of what I ask for.
  • I don’t spent time on tasks I’m not good at; Trisk delivers tasks to the right person at the right time.
  • I don’t wonder who dropped the ball on a project; Trisk shows me.
  • And more….

I want you to have the same experience. But, it’s not completely about CRS or information overload. It’s about getting your act together. 

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