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Devconnect event in Amsterdam

Amsterdam – April 18th, the day after the Christian Easter weekend. Locals were expecting the city to be free from tourists. But there was one thing…

Web 3.0 is coming to town.


Devconnect, a major blockchain developers gathering – occupied many places in Amsterdam at the same time.

The event organizers’ goal was to focus on depth-first sessions rather than size and bring the Ethereum community together in smaller groups to talk, learn about, or make serious progress on specific subjects such as DAO, DAPP, Staking, Smart Contracts, and many others.

  • DAO Decentralized Autonomous Organizations
  • DAPP – Decentralized Applications
  • Staking – Putting digital assets to work
  • Smart Contracts – A computer program or transaction protocol on a blockchain

Web 3 developers from across the globe converged in the Netherlands for a week-long opportunity to collaborate, share, learn, and network in a unique chance to interact with other really smart people with similar skills and interests.

Day 1

Trisk participated in the Web 3.0 UX Conference along with a diverse mix of attendees including not only designers but engineers, managers, entrepreneurs, lawyers, and other professionals. It was clear from this subgroup that interest in Web 3.0 was spreading through all types of businesses and audiencesBut, while there is no doubt Web 3.0 will be important to the future, we still live in Web 2.0.

The first question from the stage, and its immediate answer, is something Trisk considered many years ago.

“Raise your hand, everyone who knows what the wallet is?”

Only 10% of the attendees raised their hands. This was eye-opening! Out of 120 people in the room, only about twelve people were familiar with this fundamental concept in the crypto world.  And this was at a conference dedicated to blockchain.

  – What is the lesson?
These 120 people wanted to learn. They wanted to figure out what this new technology can do for them and their businesses. There is an awareness to be exploited!

At Trisk, we understand the full power of WEB 3.0. We also know how overwhelming it can be for users in the early stages.

“Smart contract? What is it? Does it want data from me? How do you think I should send it?”

– these are the first thoughts of the person from Web 2.0. world.

To help users understand the full power of WEB3.0, they need familiar landmarks, such as email login, user profile, data collection forms, etc. Trisk is solving this problem with the new “Build DAPPS in Days” approach.

Keep users in their convenient Web 2.0 (internet) and eliminate the gap with Web 3.0 (blockchain) – the main idea. Unlock all the benefits of smart contracts without forcing users to learn and struggle with something new and scary.

The first coffee break was amazing! There was significant interest in Trisk’s solution by almost everyone we met. (More than 100 subscribers joined the waitlist in the two days we were at Devconnect.)

We are excited as we prepare a real game changer. You can be among the very first users by signing up for a waiting list on

Day 2.

Build space. Build your first DAPP in 7 hours.

Het West-Indisch Huis building

-Almost 150 developers create their Web 3.0 applications (how cool is that?)

-Someone makes their first tries in the blockchain smart contracts,

-Someone mint NFT, and

-Trisk showcases the first-ever Web 2.0-3.0 super-smart contract builder. The tool allows anyone to interact with the smart contract via a habitual Web 2.0 UI. With just a few clicks, you can engage your data with any Ethereum smart contract.

What else can we say?  Devconnect – was a fantastic place for learning, networking, and talking with people who share your views on the future of the Internet. Absolutely must visit!