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Trisk Latest Updates

Every day, Trisk Team works hard to improve the user experience and provide more new features that will make your work with Trisk easier and more efficient. And today, we want to tell you about some of our latest updates. 

Pricing and Payments

  • Free Forever Pricing Plan

Sometimes, making a decision about whether the software is the right choice is a huge struggle. That is why we introducing a Free subscription plan, which is ideal for those who want to try out all Trisk features. 

Free plan includes a lifetime Community support in our Discord channel.

  • Pay with a bank account (ACH)

Trisk users always had the opportunity to pay with a credit card. It’s simple and fast, especially for developers and small businesses. 

We’re pushing the boundaries even further. Starting this month, Trisk supports bank account payments (ACH). If you are from the enterprise sector, you appreciate how critical it is. More options, more convenience.

  • New Pricing Plans Design

By the way, just look at the brand new, fantastic Pricing Plans section. Now, it is much easier to review, compare, and decide on the right option just for you.

Pricing Plans

Easier navigation and Landing page updates

Both our landing pages for Trisk and Trisk 2.5 have updates this month. 

  • Switch between SaaS and Blockchain solutions with one click;

Trisk website header

  • Fast access to all Trisk information, resources, contacts, and social media by using the links at the bottom of the page

screen from Trisk platform

UX improvements 

  • Tenant \ Client Profile

Simplicity is everything!  Previously, some processes in Trisk used to have many fields that confused some of our users. The time has come to change this.

  This is why we’re excited to tell: No more extra fields!

Whether you edit a company profile (Tenant) or onboard a new Client, the process is now quick and simple.

We say “No” to unnecessary fields and left only the most important ones.

Client Profile

  • Coworking function

Fill Form – is our most popular and essential tool for collecting information. As such processes frequently involve several people, 80% of our users love the Coworking feature

Coworking allows multiple users to work together and see edits and comments in real-time like Google Docs, but on steroids that boost up collaborative effort.

And with this release, Coworking is enabled by default in Workflow Builder. 

You can control this feature on the step of creating a Fill Form in the Capability menu. 


  • Hints

If you are new to Trisk, feature hints are going to be a great help with a better understanding of the platform.

tips on functions

We know how important for our users to stay focused, so we don’t want anything to distract you from your work. Therefore, if you’re an existing customer, these hints will be hidden by default. You can access them anytime by clicking on the “?” question mark next to the page title. 

Professional assistance 

And the icing on the cake! 

Imagine getting a tour of the museum from its director or learning about the dishes in a restaurant personally from the chef. This is a unique first-hand experience. No one can tell as many details and secrets as the creator.

We’re incredibly proud of our experts with numerous years of experience, and we are excited to introduce a limited-time offer – Professional Assistance for New Customers

Our experts will help onboard and streamline your business. Whether you are a developer who creates small projects or multimillion corporation – we are here to help and make your first experience with Trisk easy and efficient. 

experts at Trisk

A few words about our experts: 

CEO at Trisk Tom Brehmer – CEO

 40+ years in accounting, tax compliance, contract & project management

COO at Trisk Todd Suchevits – COO

25+ years in accounting, treasury, stock admin, insurance, and SOX procedures

CTO at TriskVlad Anikin – CTO

14+ years in team leadership, software engineering, compliance automation, and Web3

You can apply for onboarding on our website (for traditional business) or (for blockchain solutions)

This offer is limited time, so don’t miss the opportunity!