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Trisk Updates Mid March 2023

The Trisk Team is excited to announce Mid-March updates which include new features, bug fixes, and UX improvements. From unlocking improved functionality of TODO tasks to adding customization options for signup fields and bug fixes that ensure our platform runs smoothly, our latest updates aim to enhance your overall experience with Trisk. Keep reading to learn more.

TODO Tasks Updates

Recently, we introduced you to some exciting updates in TODO task functionality. These enhancements make working with TODO tasks more convenient and efficient than ever before. Whether you’re a seasoned user or just getting started with the platform, the new features help you better define the response you’re looking for from assignees.

In this update, we have further expanded the functionality and features of TODO Tasks with significant improvements. Previously, users were required to have a running workflow to work with TODO tasks. However, this latest update has made it possible to create self-contained TODO tasks that are not tied to any specific workflow. It makes it easier for users to manage one-off tasks on the fly.

The great part is that when TODO tasks are created with a quick action button (lightning bolt), Trisk automatically creates a new workflow. All TODO tasks for which no specific workflow has been selected will be saved in this new automatically created workflow. This option of starting TODO Tasks is incredibly convenient and easy for new users who have just started working with the platform and don’t have experience creating workflows yet.

ToDo workflow Trisk

Another small and pleasant innovation for TODO tasks. We’ve added the ability to drag and drop fields in the TODO Tasks builder. You can move them up or down the list and place them in any order. This advanced level of customization gives you more control over the process of creating TODO tasks.

A helpful  addition in this update is that it is now possible to create a TODO task within your company. This means you can now send tasks directly to your colleagues’ dashboard whereas previously TODO tasks could only be sent to clients.  This will help you clean up your emails and keep better tabs on internal priorities.

We’ve added new fields on our website signup page

Two selections now appear on the registration page:

  • What type of business do you provide?
    (This refers to what kind of business you do, e.g., construction, IT, consulting, etc.)
  • What is your role?
    (This describes your role in the company, e.g., director, accountant, developer, designer, etc.)

These new fields have a drop-down list with options/lists of answers.  Both fields contain the Other option, which will show a new field where you can enter an option that is not on the list.

These new registration fields may seem like a minor update, but they offer significant value in customization and personalization. By providing detailed information about your business and role, we can prepare more tailored solutions that meet your individual needs, making your experience with Trisk all the more enjoyable and effective.

Trisk signup page

We also have made some changes to the design of the registration page. Now it perfectly matches our updated landing page. We are sure it will provide a more cohesive and visually appealing experience.

Bug Fixing

While introducing new features is always exciting, fixing existing bugs is crucial to maintaining a smooth user experience. We take bugs seriously and work diligently to resolve them immediately. In this update, we have tackled some bugs to ensure our platform continues functioning seamlessly for our users.

At Trisk, we’re committed to providing a platform that meets the needs of our users. With the latest updates, we continue to improve our platform’s functionality, offering more flexibility and customization. Whether you’re a seasoned user or just getting started, we hope these updates will make your experience with more efficient and enjoyable. And we would also be glad to share the products you have created using Trisk on our social channels. Email us at

Thank you for choosing Trisk.