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Trisk Updates Early June 2023

Get ready to embrace the summer season with the Trisk Team as we bring you sizzling hot early June updates. We’ve worked hard preparing exciting enhancements to elevate your experience on our platform. Stay tuned for these scorching updates that will make your workflow management smoother and more efficient than ever before. Get ready to make the most of your summer with Trisk!

Key features you’ll find in this update:

  • Ability to change due dates for ToDo tasks
  • In-flight due date compression for Workflows 
  • Quick access to launch Workflows
  • Enhanced note and thread management in Document Delivery
  • New menu item in our platform – “Trisk Updates.”

Ability to change Due Date for ToDo tasks

We’re thrilled to introduce a highly requested feature in this platform update: the ability to change the due date for active ToDo tasks. Previously, users faced limitations on modifying the due date for ToDo tasks after they were launched. However, we have listened to your feedback and worked diligently to enhance this functionality. With this enhancement, you now have the power to modify this due date. 

Simply click on the due date within the task and effortlessly adjust it to align with your schedule (appropriate permission required). This update empowers you with a more dynamic and customizable experience. Stay organized and manage your deadlines like never before. 

Compressing due dates for Workflows

This update expands the ability to change due dates for Tasks in Workflows. Previously, users were able to extend due dates but not compress them. This limited a team’s ability to accelerate Task due dates once a Workflow was launched if the project was ahead of schedule.

With this release, by compressing the due date of one Workflow step, subsequent Workflow steps, including Tasks, will be automatically adjusted, except for Tasks with the fixed due date. With Trisk’s Gantt Chart display, you’ll quickly see the impact of changes made to individual workflows steps and Tasks. In addition, you can now select the same due date for several Tasks, making it easier to manage your Workflow. Experience improved flexibility and efficiency in managing your Tasks with this empowering update.

Quick access to launch Workflows

After updating, you may notice a new button in the Quick Actions (those buttons at the bottom right of your screen). Previously, Workflows were launched on a client-by-client basis. Once again, we’ve listened to our users who want to be able to easily launch Workflows from anywhere in Trisk, particularly when they want to launch a Workflow to multiple clients at the same time.

Trisk Quick access to Workflows

Users with the required permissions can now launch Workflows more efficiently with just one click from the Quick Access menu, regardless of their location on the platform. Simply select the desired Workflow, version, and client/tenant/member. 

Another new option is to start a Workflow – directly from the Workflows list in the Studio, eliminating the need to access client/tenant/member profiles. The “Launch Workflow” option is available by permission in the three dots menu for Workflow versions in the “Ready” or “Active” status.

Trisk Quick access to launch Workflows

We value your time and optimize your experience as much as we can.

Notes and threads in the Document Delivery task

Exciting new features to enhance your work with Document Delivery. Experience the simplified note management offered by this update, helping you focus on matters requiring your attention without the clutter of previously resolved notes and threads.

Key features of this update include the following:

  1. Resolved/Unresolved Notes: You can mark each note as resolved or unresolved, providing a clear indication of completed tasks.
  2. Resolving Threads: When resolving a thread, all associated notes within that thread will also be marked as resolved, simplifying the management of related discussions.
  3. Assignee Privileges: Only the assignee of the Document Delivery task can resolve or mark notes as unresolved, ensuring accountability and efficient collaboration.
  4. Automatic Resolution: When a note is resolved, the system automatically resolves the entire thread of notes. Conversely, replying to a resolved note will automatically mark the note and its thread as unresolved, ensuring ongoing visibility.
  5. Real-Time Updates: All users involved in the task will see real-time updates when notes are resolved, facilitating seamless collaboration.
  6. Informative Popup: When someone leaves the first note, you will receive a helpful popup providing information on resolving notes for a smooth transition.

These improvements aim to provide a more streamlined and efficient process for managing notes within Document Delivery, improving collaboration and clarity.

New menu item in a platform – “Trisk Updates.”

Last but not least – a new menu item “Trisk Updates”, designed to keep you in the know. Simply click on “Trisk Updates” to easily access our blog, where you’ll find comprehensive information about all our updates.

Trisk Updates Button

To ensure you stay up-to-date, we also have implemented informative popups that appear after each update. These popups provide a brief description of the update, and if you want more details, simply click on the “Read on Blog” button, which will take you directly to the relevant blog post.

Once you’ve viewed and closed the popup or accessed the blog article, it will no longer appear unless we have a new release, article, or link to share. Stay tuned and never miss out on important updates!

Trisk is not just a tool for managing processes. Twice a month, we add features that enhance our users’ ability to create and embed content to grow business, manage costs and achieve goals. Trisk’s new features are not only designed to help you fully leverage all the platform has to offer by making it more powerful but also to make it more intuitive and easier to use. 

We value your input and welcome any feedback you may have for the Trisk team. Feel free to contact us at We are always thrilled to learn how Trisk is benefiting your work, and we would be delighted to showcase your success stories on our social media platforms. Thank you for selecting Trisk as your choice.