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Trisk Updates Mid February 2024

We are happy to introduce our latest updates to enhance user experience and productivity, from streamlined user management to improved performance and security measures. Let’s dive into the details of these exciting enhancements.

Platform Performance

We implemented a few modern approaches, turbocharging the platform’s overall performance. You can now navigate through tasks and workflows with lightning speed, boosting efficiency and productivity across the board.

Teammates: Streamlined Setup, Seamless Editing, and Sleek Design

  • Simplified Setup: Inviting new users has never been easier! With the button conveniently relocated to the top of the page, adding team members is just a click away.
  • Effortless Editing: Need to update user details? Our new pop-up window makes it a cinch. Edit General Information, Security settings, and Notifications seamlessly in dedicated tabs for enhanced customization.
  • Aesthetic Overhaul: Say hello to a fresh new look! We’ve given user profiles a stylish makeover, ensuring a visually appealing experience while managing your team.

A screenshot of the "Edit Teammate" window on Trisk shows 3 tabs: General information, Security Settings, and Notification Management. The tab opened - General Information with completed fields like name, email, phone etc.

AI-Interactive Documentation speed enhanced

Trish AI, your virtual assistant, has been upgraded to offer faster and smarter support. Whether you seek answers about platform functions or crave in-depth explanations of complex processes, simply ask your question to Trish AI and receive even more instant responses, mirroring the consultation experience with a seasoned teammate.

With Trish AI at your service, finding the information you need has never been easier.

Loading Animation

The sleek loading animation for login/logout was added. A touch of style as you navigate through the platform effortlessly.

Global Search Upgrade

Our enhanced global search feature makes finding relevant information within the platform quicker than ever. Say hello to faster results and less waiting time!

Searching within specific components such as Forms, Workflows, Clients, and Tasks has also been optimized for speed. Stay focused and productive without getting bogged down by search processes.

Enhanced Security: Your Data’s Safety is Our Priority

Security remains a top priority for Trisk. We constantly upgrade our security measures and use up-to-date tools and the latest security protocols. You can rest assured – your data is protected.

We are also excited about upgrades to our database and technology stack to enhance service performance and security and introduce new features. Our approach is designed to ensure minimal disruption, using a step-by-step and parallel system strategy for a smooth transition. These upgrades are part of our commitment to providing you with the highest quality service.

What This Means for You:

  • Enhanced Performance: Expect faster, more responsive services post-upgrade.
  • Improved Security: With the latest technologies, your data will be safer than ever.
  • New Features and Functionalities: Look forward to an array of new features designed to improve your user experience.