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Brand-new Integrations: Streamlining Collaboration and Compliance

In our relentless pursuit of enhancing operational efficiency and regulatory compliance, we are thrilled to introduce a comprehensive integration section in our latest update. From now on, you can seamlessly interface with major collaboration and productivity platforms, including Slack, Microsoft Office 365, Google Workspace, HubSpot, and Simplero.

A screenshot showing an integrations dashboard interface on the Trisk platform. The interface features options to connect with various services including Google Workspace, HubSpot, Office 365, Simplero, and Slack. Each service has a 'Connect' button

Unified User Management

Our integration framework enables the management of team members across various platforms most conveniently and effortlessly. With centralized control, users with given permissions can quickly provision and de-provision users from a single interface. This capability simplifies the administrative burden and significantly reduces the time involved in managing user access and onboarding/off-boarding employees across Slack, Microsoft Office 365, Google Workspace, HubSpot, and Simplero.

A screenshot of the 'Users Management' section in the Trisk platform showing a list of users and their provision status across different services such as HubSpot, and Simplero. The interface includes options to provision or de-provision users, with indicators showing the provision status as green for active and grey for inactive.

Benefits of Managing Users in One Place

Centralized user management offers numerous benefits:

  • Efficiency: Streamline user management processes by eliminating the need to switch between multiple platforms to manage accounts.
  • Time-Saving: Rapidly onboard and off-board employees with just a few clicks, saving valuable time and minimizing downtime.
  • Reduced Errors: Minimize the risk of human error by managing all user permissions and roles from a unified interface.

Compliance and Security

Integrating user management comes with enhanced compliance and security advantages. By centralizing user control, Trisk ensures that the user list adheres to the organization’s policy standards and compliance requirements. This integration supports:

  • Onboarded and off-boarded states: Complete transparency into the user’s access across multiple platforms allows administrators not to miss even a bit of compliance requirements.



A provisioning modal in the Trisk platform requiring additional information to onboard a user named Alex Reynolds in Bright Ideas. Fields for roles are displayed with a dropdown menu and 'Provision' and 'Cancel' buttons.

  • Audit and Reporting: Centralize reporting on user access levels, associated emails, and, in the future, permissions, along with the last activity/password rotation dates, to simplify audit processes.
  • Data Protection: Strengthen data protection measures by ensuring that only authorized personnel can access sensitive information in alignment with GDPR, HIPAA, and other regulatory frameworks.

A screenshot displaying a user management list with users marked as 'Onboarded' or 'Off-boarded'. Alex Reynolds is highlighted as 'Off-boarded' with the de-provision date and time shown, indicating removal from the service.

A detailed view of a user list in the Trisk platform, showing the provision and de-provision dates for users. The focus is on Alex Reynolds, whose details reflect changes in provisioning status on specific dates.

One-Click Provisioning and De-Provisioning

The hallmark of our new integration is the one-click provisioning and de-provisioning feature. This functionality enables:

  • Immediate Access: Ensure new team members receive immediate access to all necessary tools and services to start contributing without delay.
  • Quick Response to Role Changes: Adapt swiftly to team roles or responsibilities changes by updating access permissions in real-time.
  • Secure Off-boarding: Securely de-provision access for departing team members, safeguarding organizational data and resources.


A modal window on the Trisk platform asking for confirmation to provision an account for a user named Alex Reynolds in HubSpot, with 'Provision' and 'Cancel' buttons displayed.

A confirmation message on the Trisk platform indicating that Alex Reynolds has been provisioned in Bright Ideas, shown immediately after clicking the 'Provision' button.

In conclusion, our latest integration update empowers organizations to manage user accounts efficiently, enhances compliance, and ensures high security across all integrated platforms. This strategic approach saves time and resources, strengthens governance and control over your digital workspace, and leads your way to operational excellence.

Alongside this significant enhancement, we’ve streamlined task reassignment and refined the user interface for Client users. 

Quick Task Reassignment 

At Trisk, we constantly work on making task management more streamlined and user-friendly. That’s why we’ve introduced a handy update that simplifies the task reassignment process.

Our new “Reassign to me” button is a straightforward solution for changing a task’s assignee to yourself. No more sifting through dropdown menus to find your name. With just one click, you can take ownership of a task, streamlining your workflow management and saving valuable time.

Effortlessly shift tasks to your queue, bypassing the need for manual assignee selection. It’s just what you need in a fast-paced work environment.
Screenshot showing the 'Reassign Task' modal on the Trisk platform. The modal displays a message indicating the reassignment of the task 'Document Management - Extensions to Tax Director' with the option 'Reassign to me' highlighted in blue, indicating a quick method to take ownership of the task.

Enhanced User Interface for Client Profile

The Due Dates and Recurring Workflows tabs in the Client Profile interface have been enhanced with informative hints for better comprehension and navigation. With these descriptions, new users can easily understand the tabs’ purpose, and it’s a perfect chance for our seasoned users to re-discover these valuable tools. 

  • Recurrent Workflows: Now includes a concise description explaining that this section lists all workflows initiated from scheduled configurations, adding clarity to the recurrence feature.
  • Due Dates Tab: This is a fantastic tool for managing deadlines efficiently. It visually represents how due date changes in one task can influence the entire project’s timeline. 

creenshot of the Trisk platform's finance workflow interface showing a Gantt chart view. This view includes a workflow for 'Individual Tax Return Preparation' with various statuses like completed, in progress, and pending. The timeline across the top shows months from January to May 2023, with deadlines and progress stages clearly marked.

Simplified Recurrent Workflow Tracking

One more update for the Recurrent Workflows tab: once a workflow is completed, we’ve tidied up the interface by removing the “Stop and Delete” option and moving completed recurrences to the bottom of the list. Each is now marked completed with an icon for easy recognition.

Clarity on Personas

Within the Management menu, we’ve added clear explanations about Personas, detailing their associated roles and permissions. This information is essential for understanding how individuals interact with and access different platform capabilities.

Screenshot displaying the profile card of Michael Brighton, CEO at Bright Ideas, on the Trisk platform. It highlights his responsibilities such as team supervision, risk mitigation, and handling Help Desk requests. An option to 'Change' the administrative role is visible, suggesting customizable permissions and roles within the platform.

Embrace these updates to leverage Trisk’s enhanced AI-driven task management and efficient process management tools for improved business operations.

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Stay tuned for more innovative solutions as we continue to enhance our platform to meet your evolving needs.

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