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Mila Pandit, Senior Tax Associate | Tax Process Lead at VPTax about her experience with Trisk.

What I like about Trisk?

Trisk was a great learning tool for me and for our new staff.  It guided us at every step, enabling learning by doing not learning by trial-and-error. We could work independently without continuous oversight by someone more experienced

While trial-and-error may be a useful form of problem-solving, in business, it’s not usually the best approach.

Ever wondered what would happen if banks relied completely on their employees figuring out how to transfer money efficiently and didn’t place effective controls on the system? What if there were no set processes and employees were left to figure it out on a trial-and-error basis, even if it means transferring money to the wrong account?


You’d say this was insane. Right? So put your organization in the bank’s shoes. Consider the implications if you were to treat the “client’s financial data” like hard cash.

  • Do you have the best processes and controls in place as far as data management goes?
  • Do your employees have all the effective guidance and procedures wherever needed?
  • Do they learn the hard way by making mistakes?

Mistakes will ultimately cost your business. Employees are frustrated. They work too many hours.  Clients suffer. Too many redos. Too many fees.

How about focusing on high-value, real “tax work”?  Let Trisk manage the data and your deliverables?

Trisk makes it easy by having three different interfaces in one platform.  Clients, service providers, and administrators each have their own view, custom-designed for their needs.

To add to the list, Trisk can also automate all the repetitive tasks and enables efficient delegation.

It’s a great way to set standard practices in the process…and make sure everyone follows them.