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ACHIEVR – A unique coaching program and tribe of entrepreneurs and leaders. Great opportunity to get high-quality coaching and level up your mind, marketing, and network. 

The event was founded by John-Michael Morgan – author, speaker, and consultant for numerous fortune 500 companies such as Disney, Starbucks, McDonald’s, Twitter, BMW, and Google, and… he is also a consultant and a big friend of TRISK.

CEO at Trisk
Tom Brehmer (CEO at Trisk)

Tom Brehmer (CEO at Trisk) was one of the speakers at the event. With his 40-years-experience in accounting, Tom talked about challenges that were in his way; how to create a team and how to motivate it; which business processes you should try and which are a waste of time; and how all his experience and knowledge are implemented in Trisk – B2B2C platform that can make life easier for businesses that don’t know how to build their own solutions.

In the first ten minutes after Tom’s presentation, sixteen new tenants (customers) registered on the platform for a 14-day trial period! We are proud that many of them continue to be Trisk’s customers today. At first, where some companies showed no initial interest in the product, they returned within a few months to try out the whole new era of automation. 

There was a little stress and, at the same time, an excellent opportunity to show how the platform works. As we prepared some features, especially for the event, – an issue with registration on the mobile phone took place. Can you imagine? Spectacular speech, an audience interested in what you do, already registered, and then the access to the functionality is closed. Well, that’s a small example of the “devil coming for you at your highest moment.”

Seven minutes. It took seven minutes to fix the issue. It was so easy, and it didn’t happen with the help of a big team of developers.

The solution was found quickly because of the idea of Trisk. The platform’s engine works to instantly respond to any problem and solve it very quickly, without the participation of programmers. That’s WHAT TRISK IS!

And as John-Michael Morgan said at the event: 

“Business is not successful if no one knows about it,”

John-Michael Morgan at the conference
John-Michael Morgan – author, speaker, consultant. Founder of AVHIEVR

when you don’t communicate your idea and what kind of business pain your product can cure. This is what makes Trisk stand out from the others. The concept of Trisk originally came from pain. From the pain of a person who worked 10-14 hours a day away from his family and missed too many important moments of life. Moments you can never repeat, such as your son’s first goal or daughter’s graduation speech, wedding anniversary, or just a simple dinner with friends. And now, having 40 years of experience, knowledge, and a team of professionals behind his back, we have a chance for everyone to quit this rat race and achieve life balance.