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Trisk Updates October 2022

A new week – a new significant update from Trisk Team. 

Trisk can automate almost any process in your business. But surely, such a large functionality amount sometimes is not as simple as it could be. That’s why we took the main focus this season on making Trisk clear and easy to use from the first steps.

You may have already seen some steps toward simplification in our last update, and today we want to tell you more about our new release.

Onboarding [Wizard] 

Usually, we save the most significant update for last, but today we would like to start with it because it is an absolute game changer for onboarding new users on Trisk. It’s so good that between ourselves, we call it “Wizard.” 

Wizard is our first version of a minimal system setup. It will guide you through the demo workflow and outline the essential features of the platform.

At this moment, two workflows are available. They are created based on specific business cases, so you will not start from scratch, but instead get a basic understanding of the platform in the first few minutes.

We can’t wait to see your first experience with a brand new onboarding.


More possibilities for your workflows

Another good news! 

If the business structure does not include clients and you build something for internal use, you no longer need to have a client. We improved this process!

Workflows, from now on, can be launched on the Tenant side without a need to involve any of the clientsAll features and functions are retained and replicated from the existing experience.

 Garage. Easy to store, easy to find.

As it’s become possible to launch workflow on Tenant, now in the Garage in the first place, there will always be a folder with the Tenant’s name that will contain all the files for the workflow launched on the Tenant. So finding the information has become even easier.


Garage on the Trisk

We are sure these updates will make your work with Trisk even more simple and successful.

And don’t forget, Trisk is always open to your feedback as well as we are happy to talk about your projects on our social networks. Send your stories about how Trisk helps you in your work to